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Sharrif Floyd NFL Draft Scouting Report

With the recent maneuverings of the Kansas City Chiefs, Floyd is now the #1 overall pick in my most recent mock draft. Let’s look at why.

Sharrif Floyd No Helmet

DL Sharrif Floyd, Florida

Floyd had a rough upbringing. He became a major football recruit after bouncing between homes for most of his life and having to raise money just to attend the Army All-American game. But now he stands as another defensive lineman with a tantalizing combination of power and quickness, trying to entice an NFL franchise into using a high draft pick on him.

Floyd is somewhere around 300 lbs. That number has fluctuated a bit, and may go up or down depending on where he is asked to play. He primarily was a defensive end at Florida before he was moved to defensive tackle in his huge junior year. He could play either 4-3 tackle or 3-4 end in the NFL, but he’s better suited in an even front (Chiefs fans, take notice).

There was more potential than production flashed by the Gator in his college career. At times, he showed top explosiveness, with an ability to push the pocket, anchor, or use his understanding of angles to maneuver his body through gaps. He has excellent short-area quickness. But this is all contingent on whether or not he’s flashing his biggest weakness, a tendency to lose his pad level. As a result, there has been some inconsistency to his game, especially in making plays. Floyd has a powerful upper-body, and does a great job of using his hands. He’s also uses a developed swim move, and moves well laterally. He’s unquestionably a force against the run. But he frequently gets faked out by mobile quarterbacks as well (as seen below).

4-3 defensive ends and 3-4 rush linebackers are generally more highly-valued than defensive tackles. They usually have more of an impact on the passing game, and that’s what will happen with Floyd. He’s a fantastic run defender, but he needs some work in rushing the passer. I think he’ll be an excellent player at the next level, but his sack totals at Florida don’t look like those of a #1 overall pick. You want to draft a player that gets your fans excited, and Floyd won’t get fans too excited. He’ll be a player that has a major impact, but does so quietly, and in a 3-4, he might be wasted. Kansas City fans have already seen what happens when players aren’t utilized properly, like with former #5 overall pick Glenn Dorsey. Maybe Floyd won’t be the #1 pick after all.