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Review: Indigoism by The Underachievers

Indigoism is the debut release from Issa Dash and AK, better known as The Underachievers. Just past the legal drinking age, the New York rap duo has been garnering all kinds of hype.

And why wouldn’t they be? Signed by Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, they’re playing right into what’s hot right now. In a manner similar to A$AP Rocky, they take their East Coast style raps, add in some southern bass, and then utilize elements from every rap scene. Especially the current cloud rap movement.

Also similar to Rocky (usually), they are rappers that are occasionally thought-provoking but generally just average, and are carried by their production.

Typical of cloud rap, this mixtape is primarily comprised of weed raps. Sure, The Underachievers aren’t talking about guns and the usual radio rap fare here, and they deserve to be commended for that. But it’s not much better, and you shouldn’t be here for the lyricism. This is a problem that’s only compounded by the length of the release. I don’t understand what it is with hip-hop, but everyone thinks their releases need to push as close to 80 minutes as possible. The tape clocks in at a relatively modest 58 minutes, but the lyricism and style is repetitive, and even the beats begin to wear thin by the end.

Most of the heavy-lifting here is done by The Entreproducers, who handle the beats. Their fame is as nonexistent as their name is terrible, but they’re sure to turn a few heads after this. The spaced out, borderline psychedelic beats sound very clean and professional, and I paid much more attention to those than Issa and AK. A great example of this is in “Herb Shuttles”, which I think is by far the standout track on the release. The rappers go hard, and are juxtaposed with a beat that gives them a lot of room to breathe, but also uses some well-placed trap conventions. Listen below.

As tends to happen with super-hyped young rap artists, I find that the first release from this outfit falls flat. Generally, the follow-ups tend to floor me. I hope that’s the case with The Underachievers.

Indigoism Rating:

Three Stars