Super Bowl XLVII: Advertising Recap

You don’t need me to break down what happened in the game. That’s boring, you saw it and there’s no opinion involved (except for some coaching decisions, but I’m tired of talking about those). So we’re going to break down what you didn’t see, in the Nielsen ratings and my opinions on some of the commercials.

Super Bowl Nielsen Ratings

18-49 Rating/Share: 39.7/77 (Zap2It)
Viewers: 108.69 million

Super Bowl Blackout 49ersIf you were watching the game, you’d remember the half hour blackout that occurred soon after the start of the second half. Two years ago, the Super Bowl set a viewership record at 111 million. Last year, the record was broken by the Super Bowl at 111.4 million. This year only registered an average of 108.4 million viewers, good for third all-time. However, CBS reported that 164.1 million viewers sampled the game, or watched at least 6 minutes of the broadcast (Washington Post), which is an all-time record. Maybe without the power outage, the game would’ve reached a viewership record. The “M*A*S*H” series finale still holds the ratings record at an insane 60.2.

Super Bowl Commercials

Advertisers paid a record $3.8-4 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl. Crazy? Not really. Football generally draws a younger audience than CBS does for its primetime programming, for example, and it also has about a 2:1 ratio of men to women, which is rare and allows companies that are targeting men to get more efficiency out of their dollar (Medialifemagazine). Granted, these things are going to change a little bit with the Super Bowl, but it drives up the price. I’m sure advertisers aren’t pleased about that blackout.

I think the 4 most talked about commercials from Sunday were the Clydesdale, the farmer, Leion Sandcastle and “Sexy Meets Smart”.

This was a good commercial. It was well-executed, as the Clydesdale commercials have always performed well in the past. And it was actually pretty cute, and generated a lot of Twitter buzz.

This commercial also went for the heart. I didn’t remember it too well. I know it was long but I guess I tuned it out, I thought it was boring.

I’m a huge Deion fan and I think he’s hysterical. This commercial didn’t require a ton of ingenuity, but it was well-done and had me chuckling. One of my favorites.

Look, a lot of people complained about this commercial, and it certainly wasn’t any good. But it wasn’t replusive. Are you that offended by a nerd making out with a supermodel? It’s a GoDaddy commercial. I don’t know what to tell you if you weren’t expecting something awful.

Another of my favorites was the Amy Poehler commercial below, but I’m a huge Amy Poehler fan. They basically just let her do her thing for a minute. To no surprise, it was hilarious.