Review: Looper

“You think it’s easy looking this good?” – Young Joe

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this movie. I thought I was going to like it, but definitely not as much as I did.

Looper The Kid

Looper is a time travel film by Rian Johnson (Brick) which follows Joe (the younger version played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the older by Bruce Willis), who works for a crime syndicate. The syndicate sends people, bags over their heads, from 2074 to 2044 to be assassinated by Gordon-Levitt and other “loopers”. Eventually, every looper will shoot their future self, which “closes the loop”. When Willis is sent back in time, however, he has roughed up the men that are transporting him back, and arrives with no bag over his head, which forces Gordon-Levitt to hesitate just long enough for Willis to escape.

Man, this is really hard to describe.

Just watch the movie.

01-16 Looper Emily Blunt

Gordon-Levitt has charisma for days, and is definitely one of my favorite young actors today. Bruce Willis plays Bruce Willis, as only Bruce Willis can, and he’s great at it. There are a number of fun cameos in the film, but Emily Blunt plays a pretty important role in the latter half of the movie, and enchants with her looks and her acting chops. Johnson does a great job with the film, from the action sequences to the surprisingly excellent, clever comedic touches; from the dreary shots to his screenplay to getting the most out of his actors. It’s a very solid and enjoyable film.

You might run into some people complaining about plot holes. They know what they’re watching. Laugh and ask them what they thought of Nolan’s Batman series. You can leave it there, or remind them that your conversation is about movies.

Looper Rating:

4 stars