White Noise Review’s 15 Best Albums of 2012

I’m new to the blogging culture, but I get the feeling that giving props to other blogs that you follow is an important part of it. So I’m about to give the first props in Reverie Control history.

White Noise Review is a blog that I found at the beginning of the year. I was looking for something to keep me up on the future garage scene, and found creator Tom Faber’s review of Burial’s Kindred, which is listed in my own 25 Best Albums of 2012 list. Dude obviously knows his stuff, and I later contacted him on He’s also a very nice guy.

How We Relate to the Body

White Noise Review publishes a playlist of hot new tracks for each month of the year, which makes it very easy to keep up on the garage/house/techno scenes. By my count, there are 4 tracks in my 25 Best Songs of 2012 list that I wouldn’t have heard of without White Noise Review. But I was expecting a ton of lists at the end of the year, and was not disappointed.

The White Noise Review 15 Best Albums of 2012 list is here. All 15 are dance albums, but there is also a Top 5 of non-dance albums listed at the bottom. Each album on the list comes with a short review and a sample track. Be sure to give it a look, and give the blog a follow.