Concert Review: WeDidIt Apocalypse Party (Shlohmo, RL Grime, Groundislava, etc.) 12/20

I was planning to take a few days off from blogging to celebrate the holidays with my family, but I thought I should write this before it got too late. WeDidIt Apocalypse Party was put on by a collective (blog here: of producers, and I had a few friends going, so I decided to join up. I was excited to finally see Shlohmo, and I’m definitely an RL Grime fan (the latter’s remix of the former’s track is listed in my 25 Best Remixes of 2012), but I thought it this would be a good opportunity to knock out my first concert review.

Car-Based Shenanigans

I left at about 7:30 and only hit a bit of traffic in the 5 miles prior to getting off of the 101, so that was pretty good considering. Then, I parked in my usual Echo parking spot (not telling you where it is) and pulled a parallel without even having to adjust my parking. If you know me well, you know that parallel parking is my only car-bound weakness, so this was very pleasing. I kind of forgot about the VW Bug behind me, but I didn’t hit it so that’s all that matters. Excited, I finished off the remainder of my double cheeseburger and avoided paying for drinks inside, while listening to some music in the car for a few minutes, as I arrived a bit early.

Will Call

Just kidding. If you get your tickets for will call pickup at the Echoplex, you’ve obviously never been to the Echoplex before. Pro-tip: print at home. The line for Will Call was about 100 people long at 8:45. I didn’t have to wait in line at all.

RL Grime

I arrived right at the beginning of the set, but had resolved not to get too tired, because I was seeing Araabmuzik, Baauer and some other people the next day (great show, but I won’t be reviewing it). RL Grime was excellent and had great energy. I’m not particularly up on the trap scene, but he played some recognizable stuff (the TNGHT remix of “Rooster in My Rari”, the Baauer remix of “Rollup”, a trap remix of “Jingle Bells”). The whole set was full of bangers, and it was great. I didn’t see it as a problem until later on.


I’d kind of forgotten that he was playing. I know him primarily because I follow Baths’s Twitter, and as such I know he remixed a Groundislava song that was pretty good. With his fedora and chain, he worked his way through a set dominated by house hi-hats. It was interesting, but felt like a let-down after the previous set. I don’t blame Groundislava for it, but I didn’t really come to see his original material (I’m sure that wasn’t the goal of the rest of the crowd, either) so it felt out of place. Not a bad set at all, though. I’ve went back and listened to his album Feel Me on a recommendation since, and it’s pretty good stuff.


The biggest name of the night, in all likelihood, Shlohmo was the last act of the night I really saw. He’s a phenomenal producer, and you can tell immediately if you’ve attempted to make electronic music of your own. A lot of 90’s stuff, with a reworking of the “All That” theme as well as “Genie in a Bottle”, both of which got favorable reactions. And if you weren’t aware, dude is a very big fan of Dilla sirens Again though, very atmospheric. The night was just structured strangely, and I blame whoever had scheduled the show for not putting RL Grime on at the end (or before the special guest), because his set felt like a headlining set, as a friend astutely pointed out later. Ryan Hemsworth came on afterwards, and by that point I was ready to head home. His set sounded more upbeat, but it was too little too late. Speculation was that the special guest was one of the LOL Boys. Pass. Overall a worthwhile show, but WeDidIt Apocalypse Party could’ve very easily been a lot better.


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